Playing Cards

This is an exciting new line of products that we are offering. A completely customized set of playing cards.

This is a very popular item for trade shows, give-aways, Weddings, Christmas, Birthdays, or employee appreciation gifts. We can offer a variety of packaging and finishing options. Our base package consists of 56 novelty grade cards, 52 cards of the 4 suits, 2 Jokers and 2 additional customizable cards. Your individualized message is displayed on the bottom of the deck. We use a high quality coated cover stock and apply a high gloss UV coating to the back side of the card to enhance your logo, photo or company name. The base package includes a 12 mil clear plastic reusable box.


Promotional products giving your company the advantage at any show or public event you participate in. These affordable custom cards are sure to grab the audience's attention and have them interested in your products. Provide a give-away which will be seen and handled numerous times and get people talking about your company.